Wine Club

WineClub4How about a Wine Club where you not only get new and interesting wines each month – but – you also get a party to try them out!

You’ll discover delightful new wines that we personally select just for our Wine Club Members.  Being in the Cork & Barrel Wine Club also means you get lots of choices in the wines you’ll get each month.

Our Two Bottle Club can include either:
•  Two different Reds
•  Two different Whites
•  or a mix of one Red and one White

Our Three Bottle Club can include either:
•  Two Reds and one White
•  Two Whites and one Red
•  or for you hard-core “red drinkers”  . .  all three Reds!

There is no long term commitment.  You can continue your membership on a month-by-month basis for as long as you like.

Any of the Two Bottle Clubs is $34.99 + tax

Any of the Three Bottle Club is $49.99 + tax

Each month we host a “Pick-Up Party”  . . (don’t get too excited . . it’s what we call the party where you come to “Pick Up” your wines!)

At the Pick-Up Party you’ll get to taste the current month’s wines – plus meet lots of great Wine Club members.  And don’t worry, our Wine Club members range from those just now getting into wine as well as seasoned travelers who’ve been to wine regions all over the world.  We only have one rule:  Wine Snobs Not Allowed!  :))

Try a membership for yourself – or it makes a great gift too!

You can also check out some of our past wine club selections here.

To Join the Wine Club – Call Us at:  859-278-9463 – or Stop by the Store!

Monthly Wine Club “Pick-Up” Tasting Party:

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