Bluegrass Airport and Cork & Barrel Announce Plans to open a bourbon store

We are so excited to announce the next step at Cork & Barrel – the opening of our second store – which will be located at Blue Grass Airport.

Lexington is the gateway to the historic bourbon region of Kentucky – which represents over 95% of the bourbon that is produced in the world. We are honored to be partnering with Blue Grass Airport to provide an outlet for the many travelers who enter and leave Lexington and would like to take some of our signature product with them.

While the primary focus of the store will be Kentucky bourbons – we will also offer a selection of fine wines and gift accessories.

We want to thank each of you – customers, vendors and supporters – who have helped us reach this momentous point.

Our target is to open the store in Spring 2017 – and we’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Most importantly, we want to thank each of you for helping a small, independent business owner fight the ‘good fight’ for the unique character that local ownership brings to the market. And we thank our partners for recognizing the same.

Jim & Bev

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