Checking Out the New Juice at the New Riff Distillery

We made a road trip up to Covington earlier this week at the invitation of the fine folks at New Riff Distillery to get a preview of their first release bourbon that was laid down almost four years ago.

New Riff was founded by entrepreneur Ken Lewis. He built New Riff from the ground up using some of the most innovative and modern processes for distilling the historic product of our state.

And that’s where the name comes from . . . they are putting a New Riff on the old traditions of bourbon!

We sat down with distiller Jay Erisman and sampled their bourbon and rye’s that will reach the 4-year mark later this year. Even at 3 1/2 years, their aged product was phenomenally well integrated with smooth spicy notes and ended with long, textured finishes. We’re on tap to make a private barrel selection in the Fall and will have bottles available for you by about October.

We want to thank Ken, Jay and Mollie for letting us share in the first release of their new whiskeys. This is a great group of folks who will be building and adding to the long held traditions of bourbon in Kentucky for many years to come.